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Guangdong Shenzhen Great Wall Law Firm

 Introduction of the law firm

Established in 1994, Guangdong Shenzhen Great Wall Law Firm is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China. It is also a professional law firm that is dedicated to corporate legal consultancy. After more than two decades of stable development, it has grown into a high-quality law firm that is highly professional and competent in teamwork. Insisting on the philosophy of “service creates value”, it concerns itself with and getting insight into clients’ demand and properly furnishing them with professional, all-round, timely and high-quality legal and business solutions as well as farseeing and innovative professional advice. As the law firm stabilizes and develops, we will continue to renovate our service mode, improve service and cling to the professional tenet of maximizing the assurance for clients’ interest to meet their ever-growing demand for new services.


Lawyer team

We have a competent and qualified lawyer team, which consists of senior lawyers with more than two decades of experience and young lawyers with theoretical attainment. They have received formal and strict legal education and accumulated plentiful practical experience in law and business. Outstanding talents enable us to break the convention, satisfy the different needs of different clients and offer multi-leveled and comprehensive high-grade legal services. We adhere to teamwork with a case group discussion system in use. Each of our clients can enjoy the service by more than 3 lawyers including a partnership lawyer, a full-time lawyer and an apprentice lawyer. The service team is capable of not only making sufficient legal analysis but also offering feasible solutions according to client’s circumstance.


Business scope

Year-round legal consultancy for enterprises

Corporate legal consultancy is our basic service. By the means of serving as permanent legal advisor and special legal advisor, we provide enterprises, companies, individuals and other organizations with professional legal services. Our services mainly include: legal services for company establishment and registration; drafting, enactment, review and alteration of articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, contract and other legal documents; assistance for enterprises in enacting, altering and systematizing internal regulations; review of the feasibility and compliance of a company’s managing structure; providing legal consultancy, lawyer’s letters and legal opinions, lawyer witnesses, due diligence and other legal services; participation in business negotiations and mediation; handling labor arbitration, civil and administrative proceedings and other legal affairs on behalf of client and; customization of suitable service for consultancy clients according to their needs.


Merger, acquisition and reorganization

Company mergers, acquisition and reorganization are our core businesses. Our full-time lawyers have prowess in the management in the industry, various trade methods and relevant market convention of merger, acquisition and reorganization as well as insight on relevant laws and regulations. Service in this field mainly covers: consultancy on industry access policy; design of trade structure; drafting of documents and contracts and negotiating; legal due diligence; assistance in applying to governmental departments for approval or registration; legal advising in such matters as the supervision and approval of transaction; tracking of transaction contract fulfillment; delivery assistance and; legal support for the integration after mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.


Real estate and project construction

Real estate and project construction are our regular services. Our real estate lawyers have good knowledge of the conventions and rules in real estate transactions and rich experience in the establishment, construction, management and other steps of projects; depending on which, they can reduce risks, settle disputes, overcome challenges to the project and protect client’s core interest in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Such services mainly include: drafting and review of contracts related to projects; being involved in the process of transfers, acquisitions, financing and share acquisitions of real estate projects, providing legal due diligence for projects and risk alerts and other special legal services; granting, transfer and mortgage of land use rights; bidding, auction and listing of land use rights; project establishment and establishment, mergers and acquisitions of project companies; participation in project mediation and negotiation and; management of the legal risks during the whole process of real estate development projects.


Intellectual property right and unfair competition

Intellectual property rights and unfair competition are our core services. For years, we have been providing a multitude of overseas and domestic clients with extensive and in-depth legal services in intellectual property rights and thus obtained plentiful practical experience. Such service mainly involves: acting as the intellectual property rights legal counsel for enterprises; due diligence, licensing and transaction of intellectual property rights; drafting, review and alteration of all categories of intellectual property rights contracts; applications, cancellations, rechecks, objections, trademark infringement treatment and trademark infringement proceedings; design, analysis and protocol of schemes of corporate patent strategy and; intellectual property rights infringement cases, commercial secrete protection and anti-illegitimate competition.


Legal service for foreign direct investment

Legal service for foreign direct investment is our regular service. Situated in Shenzhen, the window of the reform and opening up policy of mainland China, we have obtained experience in long-term service for foreign businesses and participated in a great many foreign clients’ investment projects in China. Our legal service covers the whole process of investment. Such service mainly covers: industry access policy consultancy, establishment of wholly-owned subsidiaries, representative offices, joint ventures, Sino-foreign partnership enterprises and regional headquarters of transnational companies; design and optimization of transaction structures; due diligence, legal risk alerts and proposition of legal opinions and advice; drafting and contracts and attached legal documents; assistance for clients in negotiation of each phase; formality taking and assistance in delivery and; comprehensive services for mergers and acquisitions like non-litigation dispute settlements and litigation dispute settlements.


Labor and HR management

Labor and HR management is our basic service. With bearing on employees’ major interests and rights and enterprise labor costs, labor system is a crucial part of corporate operation and it is prone to causing disputes. We provide enterprises with preventive legal service, which covers: drafting, review and alteration of legal documents like labor contracts that are relevant to employment; assistance for enterprises in establishing labor relationship systems; legal consultancy and social insurance guidance for enterprises; handling of trade union affairs; legal consultancy on daily human resources management; corporate training on labor law and commercial secret protection; legal opinions on reform and reorganization, and employee transfer and settlement during mergers and acquisitions; review on employee incentive programs and advising on compliance and implementation; dispatching, appointment and replacement of senior management among associated companies and; serving as an agency in labor arbitration or lawsuits.


Dispute settlement, lawsuit and arbitration

Lawsuit and arbitration is our traditional service. With a prominent team specializing in lawsuit and dispute settlement, we can provide clients with practical, prudent and thorough legal advice and solutions and help them with risk judgment and dispute settlement. Such service mainly involves: domestic lawsuits and arbitration; investigation and evidence collecting before trial; property preservation; serving as trail agency; enforcement of valid legal documents; settling of disputes arising from maritime commerce, maritime affairs and logistics on behalf of clients; drafting and review of settlement agreements; implementation of settlement agreements on behalf of clients; negotiation on behalf of or in assistance for clients; providing constructive and operational preventive schemes against disputes and conflicts; assistance in handling and collecting relevant notarizations, accreditations and audits and; constructive and educational summarizations for clients through lawsuit procedures.   


Special legal affair service

We can furnish clients with special legal affair service, which covers: legal opinion, lawyer’s letter, lawyer witness, legal due diligence, contract drafting, review, etc.


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